That’s my hubby ️️️#Repost @desmoinesmetroopera・・・"Opera with a Conscience"-by @mazerthehazer…“We’re living through a renaissance of modern American opera and more than any other time in the development of this art form, American sensibilities and musical styles are being utilized to tell stories on the opera stage. At producing organizations all over the country, new works are being produced that strive to confront epic cultural and social issues. While for many opera purists, this may seem as though opera is losing its way—it’s been my experience that there is no better conduit through which to engage new audiences and invigorate the faithful. Opera is an epic art form and is so well suited to confront the issues we’re facing in our nation today…In a time where elitism has been put under the cultural microscope, I am proud to be allowed to be a small part of this new renaissance of American opera. Works such as GLORY DENIED and SOLDIER SONGS that are composed by Americans, brought to life with American artists and performed in the American vernacular have a freshness and an appeal that strive to overcome the hazards long considered inherent to bringing opera to an American audience. There’s no translating that needs to take place, no extensive prerequisite knowledge of literary classics or historical myths, legends or pedantry; these are all avoided completely as the audience already has a familiarity with the subject, language and music, without the necessity of being a connoisseur or even an enthusiast to have a fulfilling experience…”…To read the rest of Mike’s piece, visit the DMMO Facebook page. GLORY DENIED opens Friday, November 16 and will be presented in the drill hall within the Freedom Center at Camp Dodge for three performances in collaboration with the @iowanationalguard….📸: Duane Tinkey. #dmmo47 #dmmo #operawithaconscience #glorydenied #soldiersongs #cipullo #tomcipullo #iowanationalguard #campdodge #veteran #veterans #veteransday #vietnam #vietnamwar #tomphilpott – from Instagram

Nov 09, 2018